10 Units of Samosa Making Machine Sold to Swaziland

samosa making machinesamosa making machine

One customer from Swaziland ordered 10 units of automatic samosa making machine from LONGER Machinery. Customer is doing trade business and he needs 10 units of samosa making machines for his customers in local market.

The main features of Automatic Samosa Making Machine:
◎ According to the forming characteristics of dumplings or samosa, using double-controlled two-way synchronous quantitative feed principle, the production without additional surface, just dough and fillings into the designated entrance, boot can automatically produce dumplings.
◎ The filling volume, dough thickness can be adjustable at any time to produce dumplings, thin filling full, production speed, saving time and labor.
◎ You can create a different shapes and different specifications of the pasta food only chaning mould. Such as: ordinary dumplings, lace dumplings, quartet dumplings, fried dumplings, spring rolls, curry angle, ravioli, and so on.
◎ This machine is suitable for production of dumplings, food manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, group canteens, schools, troops, quick-frozen dumplings, etc., can produce all kinds of meat, meat dishes mixed stuffing, whole food filling and other kinds of stuffing Dumplings.
◎ This machine is using special anti-bonding technology Seiko manufacturing, resistance, good forming, wear-resistant pressure, disassembly, easy to clean and durable in use.
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