Dough Mixer and Noodles Making Machine Sold to Sri Lanka

dough mixer and noodles making machine

Machines: Dough Mixer and Noodles Making Machine
Quantity: 4 sets
Country: Sri Lanka

One customer from Sri Lanke ordered 4 sets of Dough Mixer and Fresh Noodles Making Machine from LONGER Machinery. Customer owns a trading company and he looks for dough mixer and noodles making machine for his customer.
This set of machines include Dough Mixing machine and Automatic Noodles Making Machine. This dough mixer machine can be applied to a variety of powder mixing, which can also mix other materials. The functional of this dough mixer machine is stir the flour and water into a flocculent flour.
Features of Dough Mixer: High efficiency, uniform mixing, improve the production efficiency of cutting equipment to improve the quality of noodles, which can also be used for food, pharmaceutical industry powder raw materials and a small amount of liquid raw material mixing. 
Features of Automatic Fresh Noodles Making Machine:
1. All-steel gear drive, full bearings, small size, compact structure. Automatic transmission, a molding, automatic section, automatic on the pole
2. Multiple sets of rolling, roll drawing, feeding evenly, panel tidy, reducer, sprocket chain transmission, low noise, long service life. Save labor.
Maintenance of Dough Mixer and Noodles Making Machine:
1. Operators should carefully read the instructions before use, in strict accordance with the instructions.
2. The machine is forbidden to reverse.
3. Before the start of the check whether the abnormalities of the various parts of the problem should be promptly dealt with in order to avoid accidents.
4. Prevent iron or other hard objects into the flour, so as to avoid accidents.
5. Back face can not be directly into the half.
6. It is forbidden to intervene in rollers, gears, chains, cutters and other parts when the machine is running.
7. To ensure that the transmission parts of the lubrication, every two classes raised 20 # -30 # oil, cutter surface, roll surface after the completion of each class, add a little edible oil.
8. Single sets of models (60-125) type of cutting, mixing machine with the clutch must be in the shutdown state of the clutch.
9. Rolling before the idling 10-15 minutes, the winter production of indoor temperature maintained at 10-15 degrees or more.
10. Should maintain the lubrication of the gears, flow bearings, and replace the bearing grease every six months.
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