Sunflower Seed Roasting Machine Sold to Russia

sunflower seed roasting machine
Sunflower seed roasting machine sold to Russia. Customer owns a nuts processing factory, and he plans to start business for roasting sunflower seed. He checked different models of our sunflower seed roasting machine, and choose this belt type seed and nut roasting machine according to the situation of his factory.
This sunflower seed roasting machine using the plane rotation mixing function, the use of electric heating or coal heating and other means, together with the clutch and temperature from the control device, the furnace productivity, baking food broken rate is low, uniform color, no pollution, Roasted beans, Japanese beans, full of incense, pistachios and other granular food an ideal processing equipment.
The heating method can be gas and electric. The speed of automatic frequency control of motor speed control, high efficiency,Double temperature control heating, less energy waste, save energy.

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