Fresh Noodles Making Machine With 7 Rollers Sold to Sri Lanka

fresh noodles making machine
Machine Name: Automatic Fresh Noodles Making Machine
Certificate: CE
Country: Sri Lanka

Automatic frensh noodles making machine with 7 rollers sold to Sri Lanka. Customer owns a noodles manufacturing factory, and he plans to expand capacity for making fresh noodles and vegetable noodles. This automatic fresh noodles making machine model LGMT7-260 is with capacity 220-260Kg/h, the width of dough facets 260mm, and size of main pressing roller Ø138*260mm, and dimension 2900*680*1370mm.
This is a new type of 7 rollers automatic fresh noodles making machine, with functions of one-time molding or automatic re-pressure, according to customers' needs. The complete set of noodles making machine is with user-friendly design, easy operation, high output labor, power and energy saving, security and no noise, the standard 304 Stainless steel easy to clean, the quantity of powder and the production speed can be adjusted, and all components are with good material and stable performance.
Material Description: The main structure of the channel, the pressure roller is from the steel factory special custom, slowdown motor with frequency converter, the external packaging using standard 304 stainless steel, the drive is all the chain, the following configuration casters easy to move.
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