Dry Noodles Making Machine With 5 Rollers Shipping to Bhutan

dry noodles making machine
A customer from Bhutan ordered one unit of Noodls Making Machine from LONGER Machinery. Customer owns a noodles manufacturing plant and plan to make dry noodles. Finally, the client bought model LGMT5-250 noodles making machine with 5 rollers, and he asked for transport to Bhutan, also can be and Kolkata in India. And the mode of transportation is by sea or by air.
Automatic noodle machine, which is a machine for pressing dough, shaping and cutting noodles, and has the function of automatic suspension. The whole process can be completed automatically, high efficiency and so on. The width of the noodles can be formulated according to the customer's specific requirements. GGMT7 model is also has other specification noodle making machine, different capacities, you can choose your need.
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