Rice Noodles Maker Machine Sold to Israel

rice noodle maker machinerice noodles maker machine
Customer from Israel ordered one set of Rice Noodle Maker Machine from Customer opened a factory to manufacture rice noodles with capacity 200kg/h.
The Basic Structure of Rice Noodle Machine:
1, The spindle selection of special steel, and by strict heat treatment, so that its life greatly extended.
2, The spindle thickening, lengthening, and increase the motor power, so that greatly increased production.
3, The increase in aluminum alloy disc at the exit, so that when you use to eliminate hot water splashing or shed the concerns of the ground.
4, The abolition of the original ordinary bearings, the use of special structural bearings, although increased costs, but improved equipment performance, eliminating the noise, extending the life of Liangpi machine.
5, heating parts using the latest international materials and stainless steel, can be used not bad and fast heating, to solve the problem of winter to do Liangpi difficult.
6, Dashboard and table installed in the same position, all the parameters eye-catching intuitive, easy to operate
7, Electromagnetic integrated circuits and mercury integrated circuit two-way temperature control system to ensure that the boiler pressure instability, to achieve precise temperature control, temperature control accuracy to 0.1 ℃ -0.5 ℃, strong guarantee steam box temperature constant temperature unchanged.
The work of the rice noodle machine is roughly the rice noodle is automatically input into the rice noodle machine, and then through the hot water inside the rice noodle steamer steamed into it, into a river powder, and then cut into pieces, Food, such a fully automated process. The rice noodle machine is made of stainless steel, and its streamlined appearance is nice and durable. Direct heating heating system; heating up fast, low fuel consumption, energy saving more than 40%, microcomputer control; automatic temperature; safety and environmental protection. The machine's production speed and product thickness can be adjusted. With automatic slurry, automatic sub-section, simple operation and advanced technology.
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