Automatic Dry Noodles Stick Machine Sold in Pakistan

dry noodle machine
Customer from Pakistan ordered one units of Dry stick noodles machine with 6 rollers from LONGER Machinery. Customer owns s small noodles plant, and he plans to buy a noodles making machine with capacity 200kg per hour. According to customer's requirement, we suggest him this 6 rollers noodles making machine.
Do you know the Configuration and Principle of noodles making machine rollers? The rollers of automatic noodles making machine is arranged from big to small one by one. When add the mixed dough into the flour bucket, it needs the largest roller to strongly press the dough and make it dough sheet, while the surface finish is not so good. Becaure the larger the diameter of roller, the greater the contact surface of the dough roll, so the finish is not good when the dough comes out. Conversely, the smaller the diameter of the roll, the smoother the dough is made
1. All-steel gear drive, full bearings, small size compact structure.
2.Automatic delivery, a molding, automatic cross-section, automatic climb pole.
3.All the use of cold alloy roll, tablet roll speed can be adjusted, the noise is small.
4.Easy to operate safe, long life, economical and practical, easy maintenance.
Installation Guide of Automatic Dry stick noodles machine:
1, The machine must be installed in the flat hardening of the ground, according to ground signs ground wire.
2, Before the boot reducer must refuel, run-in after the replacement of lubricating oil.
3, Check the various parts of the solid parts in the transport of loose.
4, Then the power supply test anyway turn, click on the start switch, if the machine reverse, replace the knife gate head.
5, Check the various parts of the oil hole is smooth, with the appropriate oil filling.
6, Carefully remove the debris in the fabric.
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