Automatic Samosa Making Machine Sold to Indonesia

samosa making machine
Customer from Indonesia ordered one unit of Samosa making machine from LONGER Machinery. LONGER® Samosa making machine is a new type of food processing machine,which can produce dumpling, wonton, samosa, spring roll and fried dumplings automatically by changing the moulds.
This samosa machine is made of stainless steel,can turn out the perfect meat and vegetarain filled dumpling,samosa and spring roll which handles almost all types and consistencies of doughs and fillings.Excellent for making samosa, chinese dumplings, spring rolls and fried dumplings. This samosa making machine has features of high production speed and efficiency, great yield; widely used in restaurants, school canteens, enterprises, fast food and dumpling processing industries.
Advantages of LONGER® Automatic Samosa Making Machine
1.Good design of machine structure and make dumplings automatically.
2.High working efficiency,it is amount to 8-12 workers' working capacity.
3.Low invest and high income.
4.Easy to operate,can control the thickness and stuffing quantity of dumplings.
5.It is made of stainless steel and some parts of antiseize material.Easy to clean and have a long use life.
6.If you have a dumpling machine,the tough work of making dumplings will be completely easy.

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