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Automatic Samosa Dumplings Making Machine|Curry Puff Forming Equipment

  • Material: dough,stuffings
  • Capacity: 4800-7200pcs/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


This automatic samosa dumplings making machine or curry puff forming equipment is with simple operation,this machine saves time and effort, manufacturing speed,saving time and effort.

dough,stuffings4800-7200pcs/hQingdao Port
The main features of Automatic dumplings making machine:
◆ A multipurpose machine: It can be used to make different food: spring rolls, wonton, hot pot dumplings, pearl dumplings, curry dumplings, lace dumplings, fried dumplings, with changing moulds.
◆ The thickness of the finished dough filling volume is adjustable.
◆ Suitable for a variety of conditioning: packs out of the dumplings can be steamed, boiled, fried, fried. Fried spring rolls and curry, especially delicious. Most importantly, suitable for rapid freezing, storable, it is ideal for microwave food.
dumplings making machine for sale
◆ With simple operation, this machine saves time and effort, manufacturing speed, not only saves time and effort.
◆ Perfect design, taking into account the health and beauty two advantages.
◆ Easy disassembly, easy to clean.
◆ Compact structure, small footprint.
◆ JGB series Automatic Somasa Dumplings Making Machine is suitable for hotels, factory, group dining processing, nursery for making frozen samosa and dumplings.

 Technical Data
Model Capacity(pcs/h) Total power (KW/V) Machine size (MM)
LG-80 4800 1.5/220/380 674*420*730
LG-100 6000 1.5/220/380 874*420*730
LG-120 7200 1.5/220/380 674*420*930

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