Advantage Of The Universal Food Milling Machine

This universal food milling machine is widely used in the crushing of materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.The machine is mainly used in chemical industry, dyes, additives, feed, The crushing and processing of medium and low hardness materials such as food, medicine, wood chips, chemical fiber and non-metal ore, the fineness is adjusted between 20-120 mesh, with high output, fine grain size, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance and convenient installation.
universal milling machine
Process application methods for processing other materials:
1. Application in the cosmetics industry: After pulverization, the absorption time is short, the absorption is more sufficient, and the effect is more obvious.
2, The application in the veterinary drug industry: (Chinese medicine) veterinary drugs can effectively improve the efficacy, reduce costs, solve drug residues, improve safety.
3. After the raw materials are pulverized, it is easy to mix precisely (to achieve composite and precision coating better than ±1‰ uniformity).
4, The impact of drug formation (including coating):
a, For tablets and capsules, improve dissolution rate, improve bioavailability; improve appearance and particle content uniformity; fiber elasticity is reduced, easy to granulate, tableting; capsules increase specific gravity, increase capsule loading.
b. For soft capsules, improve the mixing uniformity of the main drug and the matrix, and reduce the sedimentation; as the particle size of the main drug is increased, the amount of the substrate can be reduced correspondingly, and the cost can be reduced; the granules, thixotropy, particle size grading, compression pulverization .
c. For external preparations such as ointment and gel, improve the mixing uniformity of the main drug and the matrix; improve the appearance of fineness, reduce the particle size, facilitate transdermal absorption, and improve the curative effect.
Special attention: Do not crush metal, extremely strong and high viscosity materials.
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