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Instant Noodle Plant

instant noodle plantThe Histrory of Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are a Japanese invention. Much of post-war US aid arrived in the form of wheat, an unfamiliar foodstuff in Asian culture. Nissin Food's Momofuku Ando invented the oil-infusion process that created chicken ramen from wheat flour in 1958 and, with the help of modified starch, instant cup noodles years later. The noodles were shelf-stable, easily reconstituted and provided an inexpensive source of nutrition – virtues that made them a hit throughout Asia.
Instant Noodle Processing

Instant noodles are made from wheat flour, starch, water, salt or kan sui, and other ingredients that improve the texture and flavor of noodles. Other flours may be mixed with wheat flour to make specific types of instant noodles; for example, buckwheat flour is added at 10-40% of wheat flour in the production of buckwheat noodles or soba. The popular noodles include instant Chinese noodles, instant Japanese noodles, and instant European style noodles, which vary in the basic ingredients used to make the noodles. Instant Chinese noodles use kan sui, whereas instant Japanese noodles do not, and the European style noodles often are made with semolina.
Filtered and temperature-controlled water is mixed with vitamins, salt and other flavourings in a stainless steel tank to create a broth that is delivered via an 800-joint plumbing system, creating flavoured dough in the mixing room. Each noodle line consists of a mixer dropping vertically through a mezzanine into the dough kneader. Dough feeds into the kneader, and through a series of compound rollers and continuous rollers to achieve the desired noodle thickness.
After stretching, strands of noodles with about 43% moisture are conveyed through a steam tunnel, where they are cooked before entering a steam-fired palm-oil fryer. Steam power is used instead of gas for more precise temperature control. The oil drives off moisture in the noodles, effectively drying them. The noodles are then cooled on a special conveyor.
Though some oil pick-up occurs, the addition of antioxidants and adjustments to the oil recipe have enabled the company to gradually push product sell by dates to eight months. Two of the plant's four noodle lines generate large and small bowl noodles, which are thinner and have a different texture than the noodles in aluminised film envelopes.

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