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Multi-functional Potato Starch Noodles Making Machine

  • Material: All kinds of starch
  • Capacity: 200-1500kg per hour
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Multi-function temperature control potato starch making machine can produce vermicelli,wide flat vermicelli,thin potato starch noodle,etc.Capacity 200-1500kg per hour.

All kinds of starch200-1500kg per hourQingdao port
Multi-function temperature control potato starch noodles making machine can produce vermicelli, wide flat vermicelli, thin potato starch noodle, etc. The materials of starch noodles can be pure corn starch, potato starch, sweet potato starch, broad bean starch, mung bean starch and pea starch, rice starch or all kinds of starch.
Automatic cutting starch noodle production line is the first choice for vermicelli production factory. 
How it works: One or more sweet potato starch noodle making machine work together, using a transmission line for the cooling conveyor, automatic starch noodle cutting, automatic or artificial putting-up rod, by a shopping cart sent into the refrigeration storage.
Equipment characteristics of starch noodles making machine:
Change the original single machine working into of two or more vermicelli machine forming a production line for production. Two to three workers can operate properly, can produce 400 kg to 1500 kg per hour (The production capacity is subject to production of numbers of machines, one machine can produce 200 kilograms per hour) and potato starch noodles after a long time cooling, can reduce the freezing time, more conducive to vermicelli evacuation, which fully improve the working efficiency, reduce the labor intensity, save manpower, reduces the production cost.

 Technical Data
Model LG-200
Voltage 380V,50hz,3phase
Power 11KW
Capacity 150-200kg/h
Material Full 304 Stainless Steel
Dimension 1500*600*1300mm
Weight 150kg
1. The finished product include 2 size moulds, mould hole size can be customized.Stainless steel material.Easy to operate and clean.
2. The price include 380v, 50Hz motor.

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