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Wooden Round Stick Machine|Mop Sticks Rounding Machine On Sale

  • Material: wood
  • Capacity: 18meters,25pcs/minute
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


This wooden round sticks processing machine mainly used to make long strips bamboo or wood material and round wood into bamboo and wood round sticks.

wood18meters,25pcs/minuteQingdao Port
Wooden Round Stick Machine is mainly used for processing the elongated wood and log core into wood stick according to the requirements. With wide raw materials, this wooden round stick machine can process square stock and round stock embryo. With high productivity, the fastest speed can reach 18m/min, can be customized according to customer's need.

wood rod rounding machine
Introduction of Wood Broom Stick Making Machine:
1.Round rod machine processing range from 8mm to 30mm diameter can be customized for different types of models. 
2.The material can be a square, but also the round, can also be customized for other types of round rod machine. 
3.This Wood Round Stick Machine is mainly used for construction equipment wooden bars, round pillar, ancient, tile roofed house building with circular beam, furniture decoration, decoration for circular timber processing.
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 Technical Data
Power 7.1kw
Min processing diameter 15mm
Max processing diameter 38mm
Knife number 2 pcs
Working speed 8-25m/min
Size 925×950×1130mm
Weight 650kg
Min processing length 450mm
Max processing length No limit

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