Wood Stick Plant

Wood Toothpick Processing Machine|Wooden Tooth Sticks Production Line

  • Material: wood
  • Capacity: 500,000 pcs/8hours
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


The total wood toothpick production line consists of 8 machine,the size is diameter 2.2*65 mm long,8 hours of production in 500000pcs.

wood500,000 pcs/8hoursQingdao Port
Wood toothpick making total produciton line consists of 8 sets of machines: Wood lamination machine, wood filament machine, wood filament set-size machine, Toothpick set-size machine, Toothpick polisher, Toothpick ordering machine, Toothpick sharpener, Multipurpose sharpener.
The total wood toothpick production line can process raw wood into the finished toothpick, capacity and size can be customized.
The toothpick machines are used for producing wood toothpicks,which can be used to make two different kinds of toothpicks: one-end-sharp and two-end-sharp.
And the size of the finished toothpick is 2.2mm diameter, 65mm length. The machines can produce 3,500,000 pieces wood toothpicks every 8 hours by 8-11 labors.


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bamboo toothpick machine

 Technical Data
No Name Power
1 Wood lamination machine 0.55
115*60*110 360
2 wood filament machine 0.55
110*65*110 380
3 wood filament set-size machine 0.75 140*66*88 80
4 Toothpick set-size machine 3.0
85*65*90 125
5 Toothpick polisher 1.1 130*110*130 130
6 Toothpick ordering machine 0.55 100*100*75 80
7 Toothpick sharpener 0.75*2
105*65*95 210
8 Multipurpose sharpener 0.37 75*50*85 65
Total 23.28 6.6m³ 1430

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