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Dry Fruit Nut Kernel Cutting Chopping Machine|Hazelnut Peanut Almond Chopper

  • Material: peanut,almond,cashew nut,hazelnut,walnut,etc
  • Capacity: 100-600kg/h, can be customized
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This nut kernel cutting chopping machine is consisted of three sections of feeding, chopping and classification,with capacity 100-600kg/h.

peanut,almond,cashew nut,hazelnut,walnut,etc100-600kg/h, can be customizedQingdao Port
This nut kernel cutting chopping machine is consisted of three sections of feeding, chopping and classification which vibration feeding section can enable the peanuts to evenly fall into the container where the peanuts are being evenly chopped by rolling knives, in the classification section sieves of different sizes are installed which the peanuts into different sizes. By changing working speed of feeding conveyor to adjust the size of finished nut particles.
Material through the hopper discharge uniformly, sent by the conveyor belt into the shredding bodies chopped, material crushed by vibration grading to get requirement particles.
The reciprocating speed of the cutter is constant, by changing the rotational speed of the conveyor belt, namely increase the number of shearing material received, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the particle size.
Application: Peanut, almond, cashew nut, walnut, hazelnut, pistachio nuts, macadamia nut, brazil nuts,grapes/raisins, pine nut, etc.

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 Technical Data
Model Capacity Power Dimension
LGZQ-10 100-200kg/h 2.2kw 2800mmx1000mmx1500mm
LGZQ-15 100-200kg/h 3kw 3000mmx1000mmx1500mm
  400-600kg/h 6kw 8000mmx1500mmx3000mm

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