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Automatic Cocoa Processing Machine Cocoa Powder Production Line

  • Material: cocoa beans
  • Capacity: 100-1000kg/h,can be customized
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port


These automatic cocoa powder production line is composed of machines, melters, pumps, technological pipes, powder feeders, mixers, ball mills and storage tanks, capacity 100-1000kg/h

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cocoa beans100-1000kg/h,can be customizedQingdao Port
These automatic cocoa powder production line is composed of machines, melters, pumps, technological pipes, powder feeders, mixers, ball mills and storage tanks. Starting from cocoa roasting, cocoa peeling, cocoa butter to make the final cocoa powder. Such lines can be per batch or continuous, standard or fully automatic with recipe computer control.
automatic cocoa powder production line
The complete cocoa powder making machine includes cocoa beans roasting machine, cocoa beans peeling machine, cocoa nibs grinder,cocoa liquor press, cocoa cake grinding machine and powder making machine
Cocoa Bean Roasting machine: Made of stainless steel 304; heating by electricity and gas ; The cocoa roasting machine is with automatic temperature control and timing device, and the temperature can be adjusted freely between 0-300 degrees according to the required temperature of the material Widely application: Beans, peanuts, almond, pnienuts, walnut, rice, maize, sesame,and so on on.
Cocoa Bean Peeling machine: The machine is for peeling and crushing the roasted cocoa beans. Consists of peeling roller, wind fan and grading part. Simple and compact structure,easy operation, reliable performance.Suitable for different cocoa bean sizes.
♦ Cocoa Nibs Grinder/Cocoa Liquor Machine: made of stainless steel and ineness grinding, stainless steel, with cooling system. Because every time the amount of oil extraction is 2 to 8 kilograms per time, the time is short (8 one 12 minutes), which is especially suitable for small and medium-sized factories.
♦ Cocoa Liquor Press: Hydraulic type, stainless steel,multifunctional,Easy operation,reliable performance, compact structure. 
♦ Coarse Cocoa Cake Grinding Machine: Used for crushing raw material into 5-8mm. It has no pollution to the processed materials, and is completely in line with the food hygiene standard. It has strong abrasion resistance, long service life, simple operation
♦ Fine Grinding Machine: Stainless steel design, this powder grinding machine is mainly or getting super fineness cocoa powder.

 Technical Data
Name Specification
1.Roasting machine Gas volume:2-3kg/h
Power:1.1 kw
2. Bean peeling machine Power:1.5kw+0.75kw, 380V,50HZ
3.Grinding machine Output size(mesh): 100-200
Capacity(kg/h): 200
4. Oil Press Machine Pressure: 60Mpa
Piston stroke: 550mm
Feeding Diameter: 230mm
Capacity(Per time): 7-8kg
Heating power:1kw
Hydraylic Motor power: 1.5kw,380V
Nominal pressure: 2200KN
Capacity: 50-60kg/h
Dimension: 900*750*1400mm
Weight: 880kg
5.Cocoa cake crushing machine Capacity:200kg/h
Inter diameter:300*210mm
6.Powder Making Machine Capacity(kg/h):100-300kg/h
Revolution of spindle:3400r/min
Size of fed material (mm):12
Grinding Size:60-120 mesh
Crusher motor:11kw
Cleaner motor:0.75kw
Dimension (mm):600*700*1450
Weight (kg):320

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