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Spelt Peeling Machine|Hemp Seed Huller Machine|Rice Peeler Machine

  • Material: rice,spelt,hemp seeds
  • Capacity: 50-100kg/h
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


This spelt peeling machine is mainly used for removing husk of rice,spelt and hemp seeds.Our company's patent Product,small three plastic roller huller machine,a shell rate is as high as 99%.

rice,spelt,hemp seeds50-100kg/hQingdao Port
This Spelt Peeling Machine is mainly used for removing husk of rice,spelt and hemp seeds.Our company’s patent Product , small three plastic roller huller machine, a shell rate is as high as 99%.This machine can thoroughly low noise of separation chaff . 
spelt peeling machine
Advantage of the hemp seeds huller machine: 
1.Huller machine’s warehouse door can be very convenient open, and the door with glass, very convenient adjustment. 
2.Roller thick rubber hierarchy, and long service life. 
3.Beautiful outlook, cover an area of an area small. 
4.Cots leak-proof performance is very good on both sides: one side is filled with special glass, the other side is filled with hardened manganese steel, two materials are super hard wear-resistant. That does not prevent the grain directly by Roller sheller leave out. Even if the material is worn, can still flanging, turn around, etc. leak. A cot can be processed 5-12 tons of rice.
5.There hulling machine glass door on the nose, and the nose door can be opened, internal Cots visible, and therefore regulate the use of very convenient. Less-specialized people can easily operate.
6.No time testifies to the use of dust, chaff separation of clean, fresh rice store is open the best choice! Gluten roll rubber layer very thick, relatively long life.fresh rice huller machine using ordinary V-belt and precision gear drive, good acoustics. 7.Ordinary V-belts are widely used everywhere to buy, long time without fever. Cost savings.

 Technical Data
Model LG-5
Capacity 50-100 kg/h
Dimension 500*500*1020 mm
Weight 102 kg

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