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Wet Peanuts Peeling Machine|Blanched Almond Badam Chickpeas Peeler Equipment

  • Material: peanut,almond,soybean,chickpea,broadbeans
  • Capacity: 100-300kg/h
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


Wet peanut peeling machine or blanched almond peeler machine is widely used to remove skin of peanut,almond,broad beans,soybeans,chickpea,etc.

peanut,almond,soybean,chickpea,broadbeans100-300kg/hQingdao Port
Wet peanut peeling machine or blanched almond peeler machine is widely used to remove skin of nuts, beans, or seeds like peanut, almond, soybean, chickpea, broad beans. The soaked rice, beans, benevolence into the hopper by shaking the raw material into three fixed-powered roller tire rotation, through the induction of the feed wheel role knife by the blade on the raw skin incision, then the material round after peeling the rice, benevolence, beans pressed into the hopper and the hopper discharge, through the rejection leather jacket thrown round. The wet peanuts almonds peeling machine is widely used for processing of wet almond peeling.And this machine can also be used in peanuts peeling, soybean peeling and bean peeling,etc. The almond nuts must be putted into hot water for 3-5 minutes(97-98deg) before peeling.

Feature for wet peanuts peeling machine:
1. Wet peanut peeling machine can remove the skin of peanuts/soybean/almond/broad beans/chickpeas/cashew nut/hazelnuts off easily and gently like human hand.
2. High peeling rate. High whole kernel rate. No pollution.
3. Peanut peeling machine can also used to peel bigger chickpeas, almond and cashew nut, etc.
4. Peeled peanut/chicpeas/almond are used for frying or grinding into sauce/paste.
LONGER Machinery also offer Dry Peanut Peeling Machine
dry peanut peeling machine

 Technical Data
Material type Model Production efficiency(kg/h) Peeling rate(%) Breaking rate(%) Kernel rate(%)
peanut LGQS-11 200-250 95-97 1-2 85-95
LGQS-8 150-180 95-97 1-2 85-95
soy rice LGQS-11 180-200 93-95 1-3 50-60
LGQS-8 120-150 93-95 1-3 50-60
LGQS-11 150-180 93-95 2-3 85-90
LGQS-8 100-150 93-95 2-3 85-90
broad bean LGQS-11 250-300 92-95 3-5 60-70
LGQS-8 180-200 92-95 3-5 60-70
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