Cones Machine

Automatic Ice Cream Cones Processing Line|Biscuit Cones Plant Model B

  • Material: flour,egg,water
  • Capacity: 1600-6000pcs/h,can be customized
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


There is one piece of waffle each baking plate.It can make the cones within 185mm long.Different size,angle,thickness,depth ice cream cone can be customized.

flour,egg,water1600-6000pcs/h,can be customizedQingdao Port
Ice Cream Cones Processing Line Model B:There is one piece of waffle each baking plate. It can make the cones within 185mm long.Different size, angle, thickness, and depth of ice cream cones can be customized.This ice cream cones processing line is with 6 models,capacity range from 1600-6000pcs/h.

This whole set of ice cream cones produciton line can produce different shapes of ice cream cones. We also do customization as your request. Compared with other kind of ice cream cone machine, this kind of ice cream cones processing line costs less gas consumption. The size and length of sugar cones can be customized, high production capacity, low investment, high profit.
Structure: The spare parts of machine are installed on the strong steel structures. The doors are double for heat insu-lation. All the panels are made with stainless steel.
Equipment performance: This baking equipment is rotating continuously and automatically. The speed can be adjusted as required. The machine is driven by one motor with direct traction.
 Technical Data
Model Dimension Drive Motor Rolling System Motor Air blower Gas Consumption
LG107-24B 14.5*2.1*1.65 3KW 0.37KW 2.2KW 12-15kg 5000-6000 8500
LG79-20B 11.02*2*1.65 1.5KW 0.37KW 1.5KW 8-10 kg 3500-4500 6500
LG61-16B 8.86*1.9*1.65 1.5KW 0.37KW 1.5KW 6-8kg 2500-3500 4900
LG53-16B 8.2*1.9*1.65 1.5KW 0.37KW 1.5KW 7-9kg 2200-3200 4500
LG45-16B 7.24*1.9*1.65 1.5KW 0.37KW 1.5KW 6-7kg 2000-2600 4000
LG37-16B 5.98*1.9*1.65 1.1KW 0.37KW 1.1KW 5-6kg 1600-2200 3600

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