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Ice Cream Wafer Cones Maker Machine Price LGDW-40

  • Material: flour,egg,oil,sugar,salt
  • Capacity: 1200pcs/h
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


The Commercial Ice Cream Cones Maker Machine LGDW-40 is designed with humanization, simple operation, applied advantaged technology.

flour,egg,oil,sugar,salt1200pcs/hQingdao port
The Commercial Ice Cream Cone Maker Machine is designed with humanization, simple operation, applied advantaged technology. The surface of this cones making machine is made of stainless steel, with beautiful facade and easy to remove. And the temperature is controlled by microcomputer, so you can set temperature according to your needs, and the temperature can be showed automatically.
wafer cone making machine price

Being equipped with mixing system inside, this accelerates the cold cycling, so the machine has quick refrigeration speed. Different molds for different size and shape cones are available, so you can replace the molds on the machine according to your needs. There are many different capacity products, you can choose different baking numbers of the machine. Our ice cream cone machine can produce high quality cones and satisfy you.
cone wafer making machine
This ice cream wafer cones making machine is divided into the upper die and mould halves, when using temperature control knob, temperature by first tone up, wait temperature rise, upper die up, lower die fold, pour material, then will the oars with lower die others in molding, about one or two minutes later, cone shaped, at this time can pull up, upper die mould halves pulled open, cone will automatically fall into the following slide in and trickles out.

For Automatic Wafer Cones Machine:
automatic wafer cone making machine
 Technical Data
Model LGDW-40
Capacity 1200pcs/h
Power 18kw
Voltage 380V
Machine size 1080*800*1440mm
Packing size 1170*970*1600mm
Net Weight 655kg
Gross Weight 710kg

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