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Commercial Biscuit Making Machine Processing Line 150-200kg/h

  • Material: flour,water,sugar,milk,egg,oil etc
  • Capacity: 100-900kg/h
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The 150-200kg/h industrial biscuits(hard biscuits) are mainly made of wheat flour, sugar (sugar-free) and oils and fats, with concave pattern on the surface.

flour,water,sugar,milk,egg,oil etc100-900kg/hQingdao Port
The commercial biscuit making machine production process of tough biscuits: Mixing flour with water, adding bulking agent, ameliorant and other auxiliary materials, and then forming, baking, cooling, stacking and packaging. The biscuits are mainly made of wheat flour, sugar (sugar-free) and oils and fats, with concave pattern on the surface. 

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Commercial biscuit making machine can make different shapes and sizes of biscuits by changing moulds.
1. Dough mixer: Mixing flour,water and other ingredients like sugar, milk, cream, oil, egg, etc
2. Rotary cutting machine:The device has continuous roll forming, stable operation, no impact, small vibration and noise, and no residual material. The whole machine is simple, compact and easy to operate.
3. Tunnel baking oven:The tunnel furnace is a kind of oven with a long furnace body, a narrow tunnel in the drying chamber, and a linear movement of food along the tunnel during the baking process. The structure of the oven: Furnace heating system transmission system ventilation and moisture system electronic control system
4. Oil spraying machine: The imported advanced frequency converter is used for stepless speed regulation, the oil spraying machine is with stable speed, and energy saving. The whole machine is mainly made of stainless steel and is in line with food hygiene. The angle of the fuel injection head can be adjusted, equipped with an automatic temperature control device, and can be sprayed at 360 degrees at the same time. Usually,we use palm oil ere for spraying the bisuits, oil temperature 50 ~ 60 ° C. Double-sided injection, fuel consumption 12% ~ 15%, oil can be used to reduce fuel consumption. Antioxidants should be added to the oil.
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5. Cooling machine: The biscuits must be cooled to 38-40 ° C before they can be packaged. The standard of biscuits requires water content below 6.5%, so that the biscuits reach water content and extend the shelf life.
6. Biscuit stacking machine: It is equipped with a magnetic guiding platform that automatically tracks the position of the input biscuits, and is equipped with a magnetic and pin positioning combined with a fixed guide plate and a row partition.
7. Biscuit packaging machine: Pillow type biscuits packaging machine is a continuous packaging machine with strong packaging capacity and suitable for various specifications for food and non-food packaging. It can be used not only for the packaging of unbranded packaging materials, but also for high-speed packaging using reel materials with pre-printed logo patterns.
 Technical Data
Machine Parameters
Dough mixer Power:5.5kw
Time of mixing:10-15min
Material:Inner hopper stainless steel
Biscuit forming machine(Rotary cutter) Power:2.2kw
Tunnel baking oven Heating method:Electricity/GasPower:100-120kw
Oil spraying machine Power:2.2kw
Cooling machine Power:1.1kw
Raw material:Stainless steel
Biscuit stacking machine Power:2.2kw
Dimension: 2600*1000*1200
Biscuit packaging machine Size of bag:(L)100-320mm (W)30-160mm (H)5-55mm
Packing speed:50-250pcs/min
Film width:90-360mm
Power:4.1kw Weight:500kg

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