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Automatic Jam-filled Cookies Production Machine|Jelly-filled Biscuit Snack Production Line

  • Material: flour,butter,sugar,oil,jam, milk, etc
  • Capacity: 100-200kg/h
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


Automatic Jam-filled Cookies Production Machine can make different sizes and shapes of cookies with jam filling, with capacity 100-200kg/h

flour,butter,sugar,oil,jam, milk, etc100-200kg/hQingdao Port
PLC Jam-filled Cookie manufacturing machine is a Fully automatic cookie biscuit production line Through the dough cutting and jam extrusion, a variety of unique two-color or monochrome fancy snacks and cookie blanks can be produced. The motor PLC control system is extruded through the dough and then poured through the jam and completed simultaneously. The full line includes cookie cutters, jam cookies and matching baking equipment.
jam filled cookie making machine
The main features of jam-filled cookie making machine is with advanced technology, low price, accurate components, simple operation, etc., well received by the majority of users, and is also an advanced device for investors in the current market. It can produce dozens of two-color fancy cookies, and users can adjust their choices according to their needs. 
The jelly filled cookie biscuit machine can make different sizes and shapes of cookies with jam filling, unique in shape, clear in pattern and beautiful in appearance. The green body produced by the machine can be baked by a rotary hot air circulation oven or a tunnel oven (chain furnace, steel belt furnace, mesh belt furnace). 

jam filled cookie machine price
1) No need for skilled workers, easy to operate, easy to understand
2) LCD touch panel, PLC control, with computer memory function, servo part for transmission part.
3) Liquid dough can also be deposited
4) The whole jam filled cookie making machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum, which is easy to clean.
5) Easy to assemble and disassemble, quickly change the mold

 Technical Data
Model LGHQ-CK600 LGHQ-CK400
Capacity 160-200kg/h 100-150kg/h
Function Extrusion, twisted, strand,cutting Extrusion, twisted, strand,cutting
Degree of Twist Adjusted Adjusted
Voltage 220V, 50hz 220V, 50hz
Air pressure 5-6kgf/㎡ 5-6kgf/㎡
Power 1.9kw 1.5kw
Size of baking plate 600*400mm 400*600mm
Dimension 2200*1180*1220mm 2200*980*1220mm
Weight 650kg 450kg

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