Biscuit Machine

LGHG-27 Automatic Wafer Biscuit Production Line

  • Material: wheat flour,oil,soda,water,sugar,cream
  • Capacity: 2tons/24hours(day),can be customized
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


Automatic Wafer Production line with two kinds of modes,GAS Heating and Electric Heating,energy saving,high production capacity,high automation,high recycle.

wheat flour,oil,soda,water,sugar,cream2tons/24hours(day),can be customizedQingdao Port
The working process of making wafer biscuit:  Flour weighting water measuring, batter mixing, baking oven, wafer sheet cooling, cream mixing, cream spreading, wafer booking cooling with refrigeration, cutting, districuting and packaging. LGHG-27 High Quality Automatic Wafer Production Line is with 27moulds, capacity 2 tons/day, power consumption 120kw for electric type and 13kg/h gas for as type.
biscuit wafer making machine
The total wafer biscuit production line is with stable performance, high output,low energy comsuption,convenient to use and maintain,easy to operate.
The  electrical and mechanical components are used in international / domestic brands, longer brand,longer lifespan.
All parts in contact with food are made of 304 stainless steel, food grade PU belt, in line with health and safety standards.
The standard size of the baking plate is 470*325mm;  Pattern(standard) is 2.5*2.5*0.5mm; Weight of wafer sheet: 50---60g; Wafer sheet's thickness: 2.2mm---3.2mm;
wafer biscuit processing line
After sales service on wafer biscuit prodution line:
1.Warranty period: One year.
2.Installation: we will send our trained specialists to install the machines and train the customer's worker when the equipments are arrived in the client's city.
3. If the machines have something problem in running, we will help you to solve the problem anytime. 

 Technical Data
No. Equipment Name Dimension(mm)
Power Qty
1 Batter Mixer 1720*1200*930 4.5Kw 1
2 Gas Baking Oven (LGHG-27) 6740*1600*2260 5.52Kw 1
3 Wafer sheet connecting machine 1050*700*940 0.18Kw 1
4 Vertical-type wafer sheet cooler LPL 3250*700*2780 0.37 Kw 1
5 Sheet Collecting Machine 2000*700*825 0.18Kw 1
6 Cream spreading machine  3000*1160*1300 380V-2.24Kw
7 Vertical cooling tower 3140*1160*2700 1.21Kw 1
7-1 Cold Blower 2200*1100*1800 10.75Kw 1
8 Laminator/Transportation system 1115*700*870 0.18Kw 1
9 Mechical Blade-type Cutting Machine 2000*1700*880 0.75Kw 1
10 Distributing machine     1
10-1  Separating conveyor 1840*850*1350 0.18Kw 1
11 Cream Mixer(with water jacket) 1830*700*1240 5.05Kw 1
12 Smashing machine 670*660*1200 3Kw 1

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