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  • Material: bread, toast,small cakes,biscuit, pies,etc
  • Capacity: Can be customized
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Stainless steel rotary baking oven is mainly used to bake bread, toast, french sticks, moon cakes, small cakes, pies, puffs, pizza, biscuit,various meats,and seafood etc

bread, toast,small cakes,biscuit, pies,etcCan be customizedQingdao Port
Stainless steel rotary baking oven is mainly used to bake bread, toast, french sticks, moon cakes,bisicuits, small cakes, pies, puffs, pizza, various meats, and seafood etc. There are three types heating source of the commercial hot air rotary oven: Electric power type, diesel type and gas type, and there are also oil-electric hybrid type and coal-fired type. 
bread baking oven for sale
According to the size of the output, there are 16 trays 32 trays, and 64 trays. According to the model of the cart, there are platform type, hook type, single cart and double cart. 
The appearance and the inside of the bread rotary baking oven are mostly all stainless steel. According to the control method, there are traditional instrument control, intelligent PLC touch screen control, dual mode control, etc
rotary oven for bread
1. The baking range is wide, the output is large, and the color of the product is clear.
2, The imported burners are with full combustion, long service life, high thermal efficiency.
3, High security, the circuit is closed inside, IC microcomputer control.
4, Using high-quality steel and insulation materials, the structure is safe and reliable and low failure rate.
We  provide 12 months warranty and longlife guidance and aftersale services for our customers, you don't need to worry about anything. Most importantly, our rotary ovens are all with superior quality and adorable directly factory price, all of our machines and separate parts are all certified & CE Certificate.

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 Technical Data
Item Name 32 trays Rotary oven(electric) 32 trays Rotary oven(dieseloil) 32 trays Rotary oven(gas)
Item-No. LF-100D LF-100C LF-100R
specified voltage ~3N380V/50HZ ~3N380V/50Hz ~3N380V/50Hz
 power 48KW/h   LNG(3.1-3.7)㎡/h LPG(2.2-3.4)㎡/h (3L)
drive power 2.5kw/h 2.5kw/h 2.5kw/h
temperature range room temperature-400℃ room temperature-400℃ room temperature-400℃
production 100kg/h(e.g:bread) 100kg/h(e.g:bread) 100kg/h(e.g:bread)
grill size 820*670*1700mm 820*670*1700mm 820*670*1700mm
grill layers 16 layers×2=32tray 16 layers×2=32tray 16 layers×2=32tray
overall size 2000*1800*2200mm 2000*1800*2200mm 2000*1800*2200mm
  2100*1900*2400mm 2100*1900*2400mm 2100*1900*2400mm
net weight 1300kg 1300kg 1300kg
material stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
dish demension 400*600mm 400*600mm 400*600mm

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